About Us

We are the Image enhancers specialized to process your High End E-Commerce , Advertising and Marketing Images. We are specialized in but not limited to working on Digital Products , Fashion Accessories , Ghost/Mannequins to name a few.

We at Linear ensure providing you High Resolution Images as per the standard guidelines. Completing every new task as per the SLA is our forte, We target meeting objectives not 99% but 100% for every new Image that we process at Linear. Our Capacity to work on large volumes of Product Images (any size/any format) with a team of multi-talented, multi-tasking people helps us retain our customers and attracts new customers. What separates us from others is our understanding of customer’s needs , putting in best efforts to process right image within the time frame. Linear’s objective is to work on high volume regular processes but we are not saying no to the Occasional customers too, we work for them with the equal amount of dedication and as per the deadline.

We are majorly working on multiple views of a Products/Pack shots that helps a buyer choose the product online.Our Process starts from basic editing to resizing,High end Retouching and color correcting.We trualy understand thousand words cannot describe a brand so well as one nicely edited Image can.