We work for multinationals from CPGs to Fashion , Retail etc.

All images are processed manually at Linear.

Anything from a basic cut out to isolation , color correction , contrast adjustment, resizing etc.

Please drop your requirement at info@demo.rosensoft.com and we will get back to you quickly.

Absolutely , share your raw images now and see if it is worth trying

A small size file can be e-mailed at info@demo.rosensoft.com or if the file size is above 10 MB then we would suggest using WeTransfer/Dropbox. For our regular customers, we use FTPs for the easy access over download/upload.

Yes, we have special pricing for regular and high volume orders.

You can brief us your requirement at info@demo.rosensoft.com  and We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Yes, 100%. All Images processed by Linear is in safe hands and all your data is always kept confidential. We ,at Linear commit ourselves to not taking any images for any purpose out of the office or use it for any other purpose than what the Job demands. Before we start your work , we will sign a NDA with you to ensure that all your data is secured with us and without your expressed consent , We will never use your Images.

We need to first analyze your requirement and what time does it need to complete. Linear’s objective is to deliver images within 24 hours. However, In case of small job or urgencies, we can process your project on priority and deliver you the work in 6-12 hours.(depending upon what time zone you are in)

As you demand!! We can send you the edited images in any of the following formats: EPS,TIFF, PSD, CR2, JPG, PNG etc.  All edited images will be delivered using FTP, email (for small size files),through WeTransfer/DropBox or any other medium you would prefer.

We will raise an Invoice after sending you complete work. You can make the payment weekly or monthly if it’s a long and continued Process.You can pay via PAYPAL or Wire Transfer.

Need Help!

Just contact our support team for more details. Also, you can upgrade your plan at anytime.

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